British Telecom (lol)

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British Telecom (lol)

Postby apollonine » 08 Apr 2010, 18:12

:smt073 Have you tried getting through to BT customer relations, I say customer relations, but that really is quite a loose term. No honestly have you tried to call them lately? I have and I can tell you it's a fantastic "lose the will to live" experience.... Forget travelling to suicide clinics in Austria, just get on the phone to the fully automated BT customer service facility. The total lack of responce without even the God damn courtesy of some depressing hold music will soon have you "NOT" clinging to life. Press any button you like to get transferred to another automated option riddled phone farm. Even my bank can play a bit of Mantovani or Vivaldi so why can't they? Cost money I suppose,and spending money just ain't cuttin' da mustard with these dudes apparently. I did manage to get through to a human being once (although the term "Human" can't be proved by the grunts) but I needed another shave by then and a haircut :twisted:
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Re: British Telecom (lol)

Postby rospaul » 08 Apr 2010, 19:56

I'm glad BT is saving money on music however small the amount, every penny saved helps towards my annual pension increase and that can't be bad.

If you don't like it "appollonine" shop around for another coms provider, there's plenty to choose from these days, then just may be you will appreciate just how good BT service is.

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Re: British Telecom (lol)

Postby apollonine » 08 Apr 2010, 21:48

:?: Maybe I should go for Talk Talk then again probably Post Office or Virgin perhaps Primus, Plusnet, er! er! let me think Euphony, Your Calls, Sky, Directsave, Tesco, Tiscali, Vonage, 24Talk, Onebilltelecom or this one might suit me Madasafish. "Decisions Decisions" You're probably right Rospaul I'll stick with BT "Better the devil you know" :lol:
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Re: British Telecom (lol)

Postby jazz » 09 Apr 2010, 00:04

You don't need to put up with bad service - I'm with Talktalk and find both telephone & broadband superb. Try asking some friends who they are with and compare - you know it makes sense!
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Re: British Telecom (lol)

Postby EWW » 09 Apr 2010, 09:48

Can only speak for myself on this but I'm om BT and had no problems(YET).
If you go though rant to the ONETEL thread you will see talktalk do not
get talktalked of favourably. I think they are all much of a muchness
myself and I'm sure whoever you have and however good you think they
are someone will have a grievance about them.
Much the same with restaurants and food and service.
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Re: British Telecom (lol)

Postby Oathead » 09 Apr 2010, 10:46

Ummmmmmmm i understand your frustration but have now been with BT phone for some years now.
Have tried Talk Talk and a couple of more and the service has been shocking.
Have just moved from Demon to BT Broadband and Got Rid of Sky TV and now use BT Vision.
What can I say I am a big internet user and BT hasn’t failed me yet.
You get what you pay for.
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Re: British Telecom (lol)

Postby rainbow123 » 09 Apr 2010, 21:51

I have been with BT for over 30 yrs and have no intention of leaving them.......they have just reduced by broadband by £2 a month and sent me a new modem which I had to ring to get help to connect to my service.....the customer service was both quick and very helpful.....I won't be moving to another supplier
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Re: British Telecom (lol)

Postby cornishdave » 10 Apr 2010, 10:43

I thought I might as well add my twopennyworth. Apollo, you didn't mention what your particular BT problem was but, in case the information benefits you or anyone else on the forum, I've used BT as my phone line provider as long as I've had a phone - about 45 years now - and, generally no problems. However, for the last few years - probably about 4 years - I have routed my calls via one of the Internet companies. To explain, it's still a BT line but I prefix dialled numbers with a code which results in a connection charge of 5p per call - about the same as BT - and then 0p (that is zero pence) per minute for UK land lines and much reduced rates to mobiles and overseas, e.g. 1p per minute to call USA. The company I use is but there are others.

Others have tied in Internet use with the provision of a phone line so I'll mention that I started using Wanadoo years ago as my ISP and, although I nearly left a few times during the early days of the Orange takeover, I stuck with them and don't have much cause to complain - there's now five of us in the household using the same wireless internet connection via Orange and no problems - but they may not be the cheapest.

The other thought was that one advantage of using BT for the phone line is that the service lines are usually free as opposed to the 0870 numbers used by most other organisations once they have your custom. Again, help is at hand! If you need to call an 0870 to complain - at a cost of some 11p per minute - and you know before you even dial the number you're going to be holding on for ages - try and check to see if anyone has posted an alternative 'standard' number. Very often a website will provide an International number for overseas callers with the +44 UK code - I use this number via 1899.

That coupled with the 1899 type information means you can ring a company for 5p connection charge and sit their as long as you like knowing it isn't going to cost you any more. I can tell you it's a wonderful feeling - as the number dials through and starts to ring out, a recorded voice comes on the line to advise you of the call rate and the feeling when she says 'zero pence per minute' as tremendous! Just to put it in perspective, I don't think we are excessive phone users but imagine making 3 calls a day each for an average of 5 minutes at an average call rate - depending on where and who you're calling - of 5p per minute - that's 15p per day connection charges and 75p call charges = 90per day, say about £27 per month. My 1899 alternative would be 3 connnection charges =15p per day times 30 days = £4.50 per month. I rest my case as they say!

And, unfortunately, no, I don't get any commission.
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Re: British Telecom (lol)

Postby apollonine » 10 Apr 2010, 19:04

Thanks for the Info Dave....
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Re: British Telecom (lol)

Postby sstockstar » 07 May 2010, 12:29

I know what you mean by BT I left them for a company called the Utility Warehouse Discount Club and this company has the best customer service I've seen yet, and I liked them so much I joyed them as an independent Distributor earning money while saving money on my Home Phone and also my Gas and Electric and broadband services and we do a lot more besides them just click on my Signature link and have a look and let me know what you think


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