AVRO LANCASTER, SNETTISHAM, 1944, 'Dambusters' 617.Sqdn

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AVRO LANCASTER, SNETTISHAM, 1944, 'Dambusters' 617.Sqdn

Postby Hornchurch » 10 Jul 2019, 07:13


I'm opening-up a separate thread for THIS particular air-crash, AS IT IS NOT RELATED to the 1943 American B.17 thread, whatsoever.


(Snettisham & Wolferton ARE some distance apart) :wink: with Ing'sthorpe & Dersingham, inbetween !!!!

Danger is, they get mixed-up & cross-pollenated, then no-one knows their a$$ from their elbow otherwise (plus THIS subject would be 'lost', as unrelated !)

Firstly, I need to stress, I did NOT know anything on this matter/incident, until forumer Greenman raised this on the (unconnected) B.17/Snettisham/Wash thread.

Being lifelong (52+ yr) a/c fan, I reasoned that SOME of his posting didn't add-up, nor make sense, pertaining to the famous 'Dambuster's Raid'.

It basically went like this.....

greenman22 wrote:
Recently I have found out = There was also a crash of one of 617 Squadron’s Lancaster bombers on Snettisham beach.

From my memory I believe the Dambuster was ‘H’ for Harry. I believe six of the crew died and it said that the crash site is now inland.

The aircraft was recovered from the beach and was repaired. Later went on the raid that was sadly shot down.


Well, checking-up, the ONLY 617 a/c coded 'AJ-H', actually ABORTED the Dams-Raid, after it's pilot flew too-low, approaching the Dutch-coast

It's weapon, the now-famous "Bouncing Bomb", was sheared-off (North-Sea), thereby negating the purpose of continuing-on.

Put quite simply, they flew back to base & landed-safely, no fatalities, not even having crossed enemy-territory, AT ALL.

I gave my reasonings (over there, on the B.17-thread), as to "why" it couldn't be 'on the Dambuster's Raid', that Greenman thought it was.

But he DID stress that the plane HE thought was involved, not only flew the Dams-raid, but "crash site is now inland".

Incidentally, the (now super-famous) 'Dambuster's Dams-Raid', took place on the 16th-17th MAY 1943.

I've always remembered that, off by heart & by memory, as I was near the Mohne-Dam on the night of 16th/17th MAY 1993.

The ingredients that Greenman had quoted didn't really add-up to a 'Dambuster's-Raid' a/c, as they'd only formed 7-weeks earlier (617.Sqdn)

So, without certainty, yet working on the assumption "He's close, but no-cigar", I went-looking, to see "if" there's a match.

Greenman, et-al, "If" you're reading THIS, then hopefully THIS thread, plus explanation (with some variance), "fits the bill" ?????

Also, to anyone-else, interested in local, RAF, or Snettisham-history - You may or might find the following of some interest....

20th Jan' 1944 - 617 Squadron - Lancaster B.Mk.III - s/n 'ED.918' - Sqdn-codes 'AJ-F'

A/c took-off from Woodhall-Spa @ 19.30hrs on a TRAINING-EXERCISE = Crashed 35-mins later, on Snettisham Beach

Greenman, I believe (& assume), that you MIGHT've gotten your wires a little muddled & that THIS incident, fits the bill that you explained elsewhere ?

Obv's am very open-minded to see "if" there's another 617 Sqdn Lancaster that fits your info', but I'd doubt it & figure THIS might be "the one" ?

Although you said "Six-Killed", just TWO were killed here.

Plus, = "Later went on the (Dams) raid that was sadly shot down" - That was MAY 1943 & this incident is JAN 1944 - Clearly different timing.


Anyways, until someone-else throws another "617 Sqdn crashed Avro Lancaster on Snettisham-Beach", I'll presume THIS is "the one" ?

Seriously, I sincerely DOUBT you'll find or dredge-up another "617_Lancaster_Snettisham_Flood-Tide_Crash IS NOW INLAND" occurence

By simple laws of deduction, the chances of ya finding another that matches ALL those 'ingredients' above (in italics), are 1-in-a-thousand :smt008

Hopefully, You/Me.Others, can keep the AVRO LANCASTER & 617 discussion relative-stuff, over here, rather than cross-pollinate (thread-drift) elsewhere ?

If anyone on KLF can add to the Lancaster/Snettisham tale/info' or conundrum (Re; Greenman's info'), please do chime-in..... (cheers).

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